History and Who We Are Today

Our Founder, Marianne Frostig, Ph.D.

Our school was founded in 1951 by Marianne Frostig, Ph.D., who was a pioneer, leader and advocate in education for children with learning disabilities. In fact, she was helping children with learning disabilities before there was even a medical term for this diagnosis.


During her lifetime she received many accolades for her work, which include: the award for Distinguished Professional Service to Children with Learning Disabilities by the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, the Golden Key Award for Outstanding Professional Service, the International Honour Award given by the International Federation of Learning Disabilities and the Humanitarian Award of the California State Psychological Association. Dr. Frostig directed the Frostig School until 1972 and her work continues today.


Who We Are Today

Frostig School is part of The Frostig Center which is one of the few privately-funded non-profit organizations in the United States which is exclusively dedicated to investigating the causes and treatments of learning disabilities. The research conducted by The Center has significantly changed the way children with learning disabilities are taught, which has resulted in helping them achieve satisfying and productive lives.


Initially, Frostig School was located on the Westside of Los Angeles. In 1979, we moved to a much larger facility in Pasadena. We have been at our current location since September 1987, which is a 1.5 acre site in a lovely residential neighborhood. We have a substantial playground area, auditorium/multipurpose room, 10 classrooms, fine art classrooms for music, art, cinema and drama, a computer lab as well as a new, fully equipped kitchen for student cooking instruction. Each classroom is equipped with the latest in technology which helps enhance each student’s learning skills.